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Efficiency Starts With Inventory Control

End-to-End Visibility

Having complete, up-to-the-minute visibility into your current inventory is critical for reducing order fulfillment times, preventing shipping delays, optimizing reordering, and maximizing ROI from your inventory. With Lead Commerce, you always know exactly what you have in stock, and where.

Support Omnichannel Operations

Businesses today rely on omnichannel sales strategies to maximize sales and profits. Lead Commerce has the advanced capabilities, intuitive workflows, and customizable automations you need to easily manage your inventory to support timely fulfillment across all of your sales channels.

System is easy to use and get up and running with. Filtering and searching is a snap!
Paul Peterson, Ceo & Founder
We tried a few systems and they all were a little hard to use. Lead Commerce also has the ability to do custom apps which has helped us a ton.
Sara Wilson, Designer
With a product like this, you will have questions and the support videos and live support are great.
Jenna Roundtree, Store Owner
I would recommend them to any business who is still using spreadsheets and needs to start tracking things well.
Brandon Fishman, Freelancer
Our business sells fabric so we use this to track fractiional amounts of inventory and it has worked great from the start.
Jason McCormack, Entrepreneur
Comprehensive Inventory Management Features for Any Business

Customizable Reporting

Get instant reports on just about any aspect of your inventory you want, including stock history, lot tracking, and inventory usage. Filter your reports and save those filters to run your report again and again.

Automatic tracking

Lead Commerce automatically tracks inventory across 10 different statuses, including In Stock, Available, Allocated, Committed, and more. Get alerts when in stock items are low and flag them.

Fractional inventory tracking

Easily track your inventory in fractional units to maintain an accurate count of items when selling in quantities or units that differ from the units purchased.

Serial inventory tracking

Track inventory by serial number for a more granular view of exactly which items are delivered where, enabling customer support, updates, notices, and/or recalls based on individual items.

Lot tracking

Track the movement and location of goods created or ordered in the same lot. This allows you to effortlessly manage the fulfillment of orders that have expiration dates as well as track returned, damaged, or recalled items back to the proper lot.

Assembling inventory

Track and manage inventory items to be assembled and sold as part of a finished product. Ensure all items are present at the right locations to ensure seamless fulfillment of assembled orders.

Bill of Materials (BOMs) inventory

Support assembly inventory and kitting with comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) inventory controls. In Lead Commerce, BOMs are fully customizable and can be pre-defined or built on-the-fly in work orders.

DIY Customizable Software

Customize any part of our software using our Labels and Custom Fields. Additionally, we offer advanced customization options with our Code Editor to build custom apps or features you need.

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