Powerful Features to run your business

Access Anywhere & Any Device

Our Cloud-based application can be accessed on any device from mobiles phones to tablets to laptop and desktop computers.

  • Mobile-Ready
  • Tablet-Ready
  • Laptop & Desktop Ready
  • Supports all major browsers

Complete Inventory Controls

Our software tracks inventory on 10 different dimensions of inventory like In Stock, Available Allocated, Committed and more. You can quickly search for SKUs, and see their levels across warehouses with one click. Get alerts when items are low in stock and flag them.

  • 10 Different Stock Levels are tracked automatically
  • Lot Tracking
  • Serial Inventory Tracking
  • Kitting Inventory
  • Fractional Inventory Tracking
  • Assembling Inventory
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs) Inventory

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Warehouse Management in the Cloud

Tackle tough processes in your warehouse with our flexible receiving options and putaway docuemnts. Use Bin Locations to indicate where things are to be stored when received. And track other landed costs by creating PO Receipts.

  • Issue Purchase Orders (PO) to receive inventory from vendors
  • Set Bin Locations to Receive
  • Print Putaway Documents to manage receiving
  • Create PO Receipts to reflect landed costs like tarrifs and shipment fees
  • Transfer invenotry from one Bin location to another or from warehouse to warehouse

Order Management

Our order management features let you gain complete control over your sales process. Sales Orders can be filtered based on custom labels you create. Bulk Actions help to manage 100's of orders all at the same time.

  • Quickly place sales orders and quotes
  • Filter sales orders by custom labels and status
  • Bulk Ship Orders
  • Bulk Invoice Orders
  • Bulk push Orders to Ship Station
  • Bulk Apply Payments to Sales Orders

Inventory & Business Reports

Our reports have you covered from tracking inventory usage to invoicing and shipping. Filter your reports and save those filters to run your report again and again.

  • Lot Reporting
  • Stock History Reports
  • Inventory Usage Reports
  • User Usage Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Inventory Usage Reports
  • Inventory Usage Reports
  • Payments Reports

Connections & Integrations

Instantly connect to other systems to exchange orders, process shipments, and handle specific accounting needs. Connect and do what you want with unlimited possibilities using our API and Custom Apps.

  • ShipStation
  • QuickBooks
  • Stripe
  • Online Marketplaces
  • API & Custom Apps

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Lot Tracking

Lead Commerce offers advanced features like Lot Tracking for more demanding and complex inventory controls.

  • Date of Manufacture Lot tracking
  • Track Inventory based on Expiration Dates.
  • Track Serialized Inventory for high end equipment.
  • Track Custom Lot IDs, Alternative Lot IDs, and Serial Numbers.

DIY Customizable Software

Lead Commerce allows you to customize any part of the software using our Labels and Custom Fields. Additionally, we offer advanced customization options with our Code Editor to build custom apps or features you need.

  • Create custom Labels and use them to build filters across Lead Commerce
  • Custom Fields to store needed information on other modules
  • Code Editor to create custom documents and simple custom app interfaces and reports

Workflows & Automations

Lead Commerce allows you to build Workflows that perform different actions in the software on their own. Attach a Workflow to an Automation and have the system perform these actions on a timed basis like once a day, once a week or every 15 minutes.

  • Build Workflows to automate your business
  • Run Automations every 15 minutes, hourly, daily and more.
  • Workflows and Automations let you auto send emails, invoices and handle all other business processes automatically.

Bill of Material Inventory Software

Use our Bill of Materials (BOM) inventory controls to assemble inventory in Lead Commerce. Use our BOM also to handle Kitting.

  • Customizable Bill of Material Setups
  • Use them on Kits and Assemblies
  • Pre-define BOMs or build them on the fly on Work Orders

Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions allow you to apply chenges to multiple records at the same time. Bulk Actions are a powerful way to ship multiple orders out all at the same time, create invoices for shipped orders or apply payments to multiple orders all at the same time.

  • Bulk Actions for creating and shipping Orders
  • Bulk Actions for importing sales orders into Lead Commerce from other ecommerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify and Amazon
  • Use Bulk Actions to Apply Payments to Open Invoices
  • Bulk Actions for creating Invoices
  • Bulk Action for email and printing docuemnts

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